Friday, June 8, 2012

More pants

I'm going to a baby shower/welcome home party tomorrow for the owner of one the dino quilts I made recently. Since I wanted to bring a little gift, I made a little pair of pants using fabric in my stash.

I used Made-by-Rae's tutorial for newborn pants and added cuffs for extra length. The baby is still very tiny since he was born 9.5 weeks early and only passed his due date a couple weeks ago, and figured with the extra length of the cuffs, they'll work for a while given Rae's description of how wide they are.

Newborn Pants - Cuffs Rolled Up

Newborn Pants - Cuffs Unrolled

These could've been a quick 30 minute project, but I took about an hour (still no big deal!) since I did french seams and added cuffs. I'm really happy with the extra time since I think they look pretty professional.

Newborn Pants

Newborn Pants


  1. I think french seams give homemade garments that added touch. Love them.

  2. Very professional looking-- and (even more importantly) very cute! I love the contrast cuffs too.


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