Friday, April 4, 2014

Major WIP

I'm excited to let you know that Jon and I are expecting a baby at the end of the summer. I'm due the first week of September. So far, pregnancy has been treating me really well with minimal morning sickness and mostly feeling good. I even have a bump now to show for it!

18 weeks!

The blog will likely pick up over the next few months as I sew for the baby. I have a list of things I want to do for the nursery and a few smaller clothing projects, but we'll see how I do as I get farther along!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bedding and Valances for Ashford

One of the cool parts about moving back to my hometown has been reconnecting with old friends. Like Melissa - she and I have known each other since we were really little. We went to the same church and lived only a few blocks away. As kids, people always thought we were sisters or twins since we looked a lot alike. Although we haven't stayed in touch, we have a ton in common and it's been wonderful to have her back in my life.

When Melissa told me last year that she was expecting, I knew I wanted to sew something for her little guy. We decided to do valances and crib sheets. She and I picked out fabric together for her vision of a navy, lime & gray nursery. Super cute, right??

The valances were an easy project, just sewing hems on all four sides. I did a wide hem on the bottom and added a little white oversized rick-rack I had laying around to make it look a little more polished.

For the crib sheets, I used a super easy tutorial that only required 2 yards of fabric and some 1/2" elastic. I think it only took about 20 minutes to do each sheet.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blogging is a funny thing

I started this blog in 2009 when I was completely miserable in the middle of grad school. Creating things and blogging about them was an escape. A way to make something tangible instead of gathering data. A way to be creative without feeling like my career depended on the quality of the product. A way to connect to people without worrying about whether they thought I was smart. A way to avoid thinking about living in a place where I couldn't put down roots.

I'm crafting and blogging less these days and I think that's a good thing. I'm finally living in a place with family. My husband and I both have fulfilling jobs that we generally look forward to going to. I'm getting out and enjoying the community where I live. I'm trying to reestablish roots in my hometown.

I've rediscovered my joy for life. I didn't realize how buried it was until last year when I finished my PhD and left academia. My joy still comes from making things but it also comes from a lot of other things that are a little easier on the budget and aren't as easy to capture in pictures.

So I'm still here and still finding creative outlets but the balance of life has tipped a bit and I'm rolling with it. I will probably post in fits and starts but I think I'm at peace with that. This blog has never been about gathering a ton of followers... it's been about remembering the things that I make and the people I make them for.

Monday, May 13, 2013

MN Love

Before leaving Ann Arbor, I promised Jenna I would try to blog more. Since I'm not always crafty in the sewing sense, but I'm usually expending some creative effort, I'm going to try out blogging about more things to keep me in the habit of record keeping. 

A few days ago we safely arrived in MN and had a bunch of fun along the drive from Ann Arbor to Minneapolis. Here some of the highlights:

Teddy Bear Factory in Chelsea, MI

Epic pirate-themed mini-golf in the Wisconsin Dells

I'm so happy to be home and I'm even more excited to get settled and put down roots.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Triple Finish

About a week before the move, I finished up a project I'd been plugging away at for the last few months: three little quilts for a set of triplets.

The quilts weren't hard, but I was slow in getting them done since I was distracted by the impending move and nervous about such a high risk pregnancy. The mom did great though! She managed to go over 36 weeks and each of three were born last week at over 5 pounds!! So without further ado here are three little quilts for Mason, Noah and Paige.

Baby Quilts

My favorite fun fact about these little ones is that their uncle (one of my husband's best friends growing up) wanted to name them Corey, Sean and Tapanga (Boy Meets World, anyone?)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movin' along

I've been sewing, even though I haven't really been blogging...

I'm working on three little quilts for three little babies on the way (a friend is having triplets!) and I'm finally feeling urgency to get the project done since she's only a month from her due date (and is amazingly still pregnant, woohoo!) and as you can see from the boxes and my cutting table being on the floor, we're about a week and a half from moving again.

The move is really exciting. I got a job in Minneapolis, where I'm from, and I can't wait to live long-term near my family. I still don't like these kinds of transitions and major relocations, but there's some solace in knowing this will be the last one.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

In celebration

After making the quilt for my PhD advisor, I still had half of the Parson Gray fabric leftover. Since I loved that quilt so much (and Jon did too), I decided to make another almost identical quilt to keep for my self to commemorate finishing my degree. Mine is just a little bit bigger than the original at about 50"x70".

PhD Quilt

I pieced, basted and quilted almost the entire thing at a weekend retreat I went to with the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild at the beginning of January. It was an awesome way to get this project down, I just hunkered down with a great group of women and no distractions (except for hilarious conversation and girly movies).

PhD Quilt

I learned all kinds of great tips too, from how to make my own spray starch, to ironing a quilt sandwich before basting so the top and back "stick" to the batting (you can use fewer pins!), to making sure that I have tables on all sides of my sewing table so the quilt glides as I quilt it. Quilting this quilt was the first time I wasn't sore from moving the quilt around!

PhD Quilt
the back

So all around, I'm loving this quilt and the label will read:
"In celebration of earning my PhD and starting the next chapter!"

PhD Quilt