Friday, June 12, 2009

Frisbees! in a bag!

I almost forgot to post this! Earlier this week, I finally made disc golf bags for Jon and I. If you aren't familiar with it, disc golf (aka frisbee golf) is like regular golf, except you use frisbees instead of golf balls, there are baskets instead of holes and the courses are in public parks, so it's free to play! Jon and I have started playing a lot more since it's a great excuse to get outside. Here's a shot of me looking way cooler than usual doing this:

Disc flies!

Back to the sewing, I made bags using duck cloth. I fused interfacing to the outer duck cloth and then also lined them with a cotton fabric (Jon picked Spiderman). I love that these bags have adjustable straps. I bought the plastic slides and rings online for $0.25 a piece, which is way better than the $2 they cost at Joann.
Disc Golf Bags

The bags I made easily hold our discs (we each have 4) and anything else we might want to bring, like a bottle of water or a small towel for when the discs find themselves in mud. There's a pocket for a map and/or scorecard.
Disc Golf BagsDisc Golf Bags

I'm pretty excited to try these out, but I think that has to wait for next week! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Some friends of mine play disc golf and are really into it. It is funny because a year ago I never knew of such a thing and now I am hearing about it all over the place :) The bags look great!


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