Saturday, June 27, 2009

I heart mail

Yesterday was an exciting mail day. My parents recently went on a trip to Seattle and my mom sent me some goodies from their adventure. The highlights were a couple of books. My mom stumbled upon Undercover Quilts and picked up the quilting book. It's perfect since it's my first book on quilting and has lots of basic blocks, but in more modern colorways. The other book she found at Pike's Place Market and I think it's brilliant... I whole book on mac and cheese!

New Books

I also got some great rubber stamps from Mayberry Sparrow/Corrrabelle on etsy and used them to make some new flat notecards. With all the swaps and mail, I'm regularly using notecards for the first time in my life. I figure it will be cheaper in the long run to own my own stamps and make ones I really like than to keep buying cute notecards pre-made (I'm clearly my mother's daughter). Though, these sewing ones did catch my eye on etsy.

New Notecards

I'm still new to this whole idea of stamping, do any of you have tips on getting the hedgehog to stamp a little better?

Finally, over the last month, the mail has brought me all of these fantastic bugs from the Sew Kid at Heart quilting bee. More will be trickling in as the year goes on, but I'm already really excited to put this together. The way they're lined up in the photo, it kind of looks like a class photo or yearbook. :) The extra bugs in jars came from Viv (aka Highway Cottage) who had them leftover from some projects she did. They'll probably make great pieces for the back.

Sew Kid at Heart blocks received


  1. I love getting stuff in the mail as well :) The bugs are so cute!

  2. Oooh I could do with a book like Quilts Quilts Quilts. Let me know if it is any good.


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