Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Day=New Skirts!

A few weeks ago, Bee Square Fabrics closed and had an amazing 50% off everything sale. I bought some great fabrics with the intention of making some new summer skirts. Today was pouring rain all day, so I made two! I'm hoping to make a few more and have a new summer wardrobe.

Here's the first skirt in Alexander Henry's Yen Rose. The picture doesn't capture the colors very well but they are great and totally me!
New Skirt!

...and another using Moda's Arcadia line. These colors are more new to my wardrobe and I'm honestly not sure if I have shirts that match, but I really like it.
Another new skirt!

I didn't use a pattern, instead I based them off of a couple of store-bought skirts I already own. I traced the waistband from one and then just improvised with the pleats and length. They both have an invisible zipper and are lined with white broadcloth.

Another new skirt!

I made a bunch of stupid mistakes with the first skirt and had some serious bonding time with my seam ripper, but the second one went much more smoothly. My favorite mistake was when I was putting the zipper in. I had twisted the skirt so when I was done with the zipper, it was a complete mess and couldn't be turned rightside out. I really wish I had taken a picture because it was priceless!


  1. Those are really cute skirts! Great idea to line them with the broadcloth.

  2. Love the skirts! I've made a shirt and a dress with Alexander Henry fabrics and I'm seriously considering making a whole wardrobe of them.


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