Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Flowers

This has been a month full of flowers, which is kind of funny since the leaves are dropping fast outside. It started with the Doll Quilt Swap 7 quilt that I received from Rhonda (aka Joyce's Daughter). Rhonda really outdid herself and I love it!!

DQS7 Received!

I love the hexes and the colors, but the detail are truly incredible! She handprinted the leaves and the embroidery details are perfect! She also sent some cute ribbons and buttons, which was a nice little extra. Ribbon is one of those things that I think is really fun, but never buy for myself.

DSQ7 - Received!

Then, Nichole (from Indie House) from had us work on her "Midnight in the Garden" quilt. The idea was to randomly place 1-3 flowers from our stash on this awesome "Thunder" shot cotton that's almost iridescent. It seems to have threads that are blue and purple and it's just stunning. The blocks are 16.5" square.

September block for Nichole

When I read the instructions, I was worried since I didn't think I had many floral prints. But it turns out that I don't have many florals, but I have lots of flowers anyway! So I ended up with more than enough for two blocks and sent a few extras with the blocks. I think Nichole is going to end up with a great quilt!

September block for Nichole

I'm working on another block for Spinster Sister from the Traveling Threads quilting bee and I think that's going to have flowers too! I'll post it soon!


  1. Beautiful quilts - the Midnight in the Garden block is a wonderful concept! I love the ideas that quilters come up with.

  2. Amazing! I love the stamped leaves on the hexagon blocks. I love your blocks for Oct. You found such a good variety of flowers!

  3. That doll quilt is a stunner! Hexagon flowers are just so wonderful anyway-- and then to see what she did with them. Wow!

    I also love the look of your SSS flower block. That shot cotton is indeed gorgeous! I've been worried about my lack of flowers too-- but seeing your blocks is making me feel more confident. :)

  4. All such great work!

    Oh, and Tennessee Quilts has all of their Kaffe fabrics on sale, 20% off, including the shot cottons... Of course it's on sale this week, AFTER I bought a bunch!


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