Friday, December 4, 2009

December Quilting Bee Round Up

This month was an off month for Snip.Sew.Send, which gave me a little more breathing room.

To keep up with the Sew Kid at Heart bee, I made Ariel's spiderweb block. She sent a great set of fabrics and the tutorial she had us use was really straight forward. I can't wait to see this one done since it's going to be another stunner! Also, if you want some seriously cute fabric and illustrations, you have to see her etsy shop. My favorite is this beautiful illustration of a sewing machine and then has an actual quilt block coming out it.
Ariel's Spiderweb Block

For Traveling Threads, SweetLibertyGrace sent out fabrics from Michael Miller's Whimsy line (love the blues in this line!!) and asked for block from Quilters Cache. I picked Carol's Star and I loved this pattern. It's paper piecing, which I really like doing, but looking at it after it was done, I realized one of the pieces is reversed! I don't even know how I could've done that... I didn't have enough of the white print to fix it, so I suppose it's just going to be Amish-inspired! (with an "intentional" mistake) sigh.
Traveling Threads block for SweetLibertyGrace

I'm hoping to sew a bunch of things before I travel for the holidays, but end of the semester teaching stuff keeps getting in the way! My Christmas quilt is just begging to be worked on! Wish me luck!


  1. these blocks are lovely. you did such an amazing job. hope you get to find the time to get to your christmas projects.

  2. Love your quilt blocks. The patterns go together so well. Nice job.

  3. nice blocks!! i can't wait for my bee to get started!

  4. Great blocks! Both are just beautiful!

  5. I love that paper pieced block! Which one is it?

  6. Never mind - I was blinded by the cool block and must have totally missed where you had the nice link to the block :)

  7. I love the blue and green block and I think the reversed part of it gives it some interest!

  8. I love both! I really want to know how to do the spiderweb block!

    In Carol's star the blue and green look great! I love how the blue pops out.


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