Friday, March 26, 2010

Building a Neighborhood

February was my month for Snip.Sew.Send. and I asked for little trees and houses inspired by the Ingrid Press quilt. I received an amazing variety and I hope I have some time soon to make a few houses myself and put together some wall hangings.

These lovely ladies all did such a great job. I was really surprised when some said the task was out of their comfort zone... it didn't show at all!! I hope you guys enjoy seeing these as much as I love having them!

From our hostess, Adrienne (Hermione J. Schwartz)... the yellow one is supposed to be my own little fabric shop :) received! received!

From Lisa (the Blue Dress)... seriously how cute is that dog?? received! received!

From Zonnah (Zonnah's addictions)... can you believe the itty bitty pieces?? received!

From Tina (Little Blue Cottage)... I thought it was awesome that the main part of the house is using the fabric that Nichole sent out for her month! received!

From Robin (Crafty Musings)... how cute is that kitty? received! received!

From Rebecca (Lula Dahl)... I love the bee, even if her boyfriend doesn't get it! received!

From Heather (Quiltin' Like Crazy)... how cute are these?! received! received!

Last but not least, from Anne... I'm thinking of making a bunch of skyline inspired buildings and putting the Empire State building with those instead of houses, what do you think? received! received!

And how great are these fun extras that came along the way??
Snip.Sew.Send extras!

I'd love your thoughts on how to arrange these beautiful blocks...
How would you build this little neighborhood??


  1. ooh - i still have some additions to your neighborhood sitting on my sewing table. they'll get sent out this weekend - sorry for the delay!

  2. Yikes - that Empire State Building really doesn't go with the other things. I will look and see if I can find some Kona Sand locally and make you a house to replace it. That zebra card is fantastic.

    For a layout, what about not keeping them in square blocks, but piecing them together into a strip the length of the quilt (so it kind of looks like they are lined up along a road) and putting that strip into a darker solid background. Or maybe make different groupings and stagger them along the quilt top. Or just do it the original way which looked great!

  3. So cool!!!! I'm in love with all of your little houses and trees. I need to make a quilt like this someday. :) I like Anne's idea of maybe different groupings staggered over the quilt top. But, I also think just a simple setting (like in the inspiration quilt) would look cool too. But, my goodness, the options! Just make sure you have fun with it!

  4. I love them all! You could put them around the edges like a border and them make one giant one for the center that is from you :)

  5. I adore the Empire State Building!
    If it were mine I would organize it like a neighbourhood. Retail in one spot, a little bit of forest, some houses, then the downtown core. And I would stick with the original inspiration of Ingrid Press and her general layout. The simpleness is what makes it.

  6. OOh! I love all those blocks! I think I would lay them out on the floor and start playing! You'll figure it out I'm sure. ;)

  7. Um, woah. Those are all amazing - all those little tiny pieces! I'm not sure how I would arrange them. I think I'd like to see how it would look all laid out in one long line along the middle of the long side of the quilt (does that make sense?)... without much going on on the rest of the quilt (I dunno, farmland, maybe! ha).

  8. I love LOVE all of these little treasures, even the ESB!

    I do like the Ingrid Press layout but for some reason I think a circular layout around a central block (to be determined, maybe a large wonky tree?) could be interesting.

  9. First of all, as a New Yorker born and bred, I have to say "Yay!!" for the Empire State building. Having said that, it obviously needs its own special place. I love all of your little houses and trees. The simplicity of the Ingrid Press layout is genius because of the way each house has its own space. I think you could also group the houses a bit and still have the same impact.

  10. Cute and lots of options. I think you'll have to play a bit. I first thought rows of streets but Cheryl's idea is kinda neat. Heck, you can do a whole area, downtown, urban and then rural! ooooh, lots of playing!


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