Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Got someone who's in Lost withdrawal?

Jon is completely addicted to all things Lost, so when we saw this vinyl decal, it was the perfect addition to his new computer. I think it's so cool, I couldn't resist sharing. I've been intrigued to get bigger vinyl decals to use on the wall, anyone have any experiences doing it?

Jon's Lost Decal

Bought from here: CraftyGal on Etsy


  1. I've tried making a wall decals a couple of different ways: with fabric+starch, and with ContactPaper.

    I really like the branch decal I made for my bedroom...but there's also a cool black tree decal in my foyer, with hooks pressed into it (i.e., the wall) making a sort of "coat tree".

  2. I am in Lost in withdrawal! That is so cool. I put up some vinyl decals in my daughter's room, and they went up nicely. The only issue is they were smaller than I expected, but I could have done the measurements before I ordered. I bought them from here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/singlestonestudios

    You can see a photo of it installed here (at the bottom of the post):

    Good luck.

  3. LOL! That is cool. I'm not in Lost withdrawal-- but I have a few friends who definitely are!

  4. I have huge tree decals in my son's room and they are awesome! We bought them on Etsy.

  5. I love that idea! Of course, I stopped watching LOST after 4 seasons. I wanted to have it all available to watch together instead of being spoon fed only once a week.

    I came here via cjane...


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