Friday, October 22, 2010

DIY wedding fun

For the wedding, I did a handful of DIY projects myself. I tried to keep it simple since everything had to be made in Rochester and then taken with me to Minnesota.We made our own favor tags, placecards (color coded for their meal choice) and menus.

After a disaster with the programs (the words literally flaked off the first kind of paper we bought), a few friends came over and bailed us out a few days before I left. Wine was had and everything was good:



My favorite DIY was making mustaches-on-a-stick. They were super cheap (~$4 for all the supplies to make 15-20) and a great way to get our wedding party and family in our fun. We brought them with us to the photos and everyone was really surprised and had a great sense of humor about it. I found the templates online but didn't use those instructions. I put them together using one layer of stiff felt, hot glue and really thin wooden sticks.

I mentioned I made art kits and that worked out so well. The kids were thrilled and it was great that they had something to do during our cocktail hour and dinner.


  1. You guys had so much fun! And I loved all your pictures.

  2. What a great idea to color code the placecards according to what the person was going to eat. The mustache pictures are so fun! Is there one of you and Jon together in your wedding garb with the mustaches?

  3. those mustaches are hysterical....and the art kits are a brilliant idea.


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