Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blocks of a Feather fun

I'm nearing the end with my Block of a Feather quilting be. Last round, one member asked us to make a "mini-me" for the back of her quilt and we all had so much fun with it, we decided to make mini-me's for everyone's quilts. Here are the 5 I made for the 4 other members and myself.

Mini-Me's for Blocks of a Feather

The ones with the skirt are particularly funny to me, since I made a skirt a while ago with that fabric, so I actually wear that outfit in real life. :)

The last round (November/December) is the month everyone's making blocks for me. As you might remember, I sent out Kaffe Fassett prints and some solids. Everyone makes two blocks and I asked that one be a star.

Ruthiequilts already made this one:
Block #1 for Skovy in Blocks of a Feather...

and I made this one this weekend. I'm having fun working through my own instructions/inspiration along with everyone else. Here's my star block (Florida star from Quilter's Cache):

A star for my Blocks of a Feather quilt


  1. I LOVE the little mini-me! You are so talented, love seeing your new projects!!

  2. Your mini-me blocks are adorable. Did you embroider the hair? Seeing your skirt that is the same fabric as a real skirt reminds me of some quilts I've seen where people kept their children's baby clothes and cut them apart and used them in a similar way in a quilt. Unfortunately, I gave almost all of Elizabeth's away :(

  3. those are the cutest ever.....i love the colors of the bee blocks you worked on

  4. I love those star blocks!! & the mini-yous are so cute :-)

    ~ Meagan

  5. Ruthiequilts block is really cool. I love the star in star but off center look.

  6. pretty please...could you post a tutorial or some instructions/photos of how you made the mini mes? I'm rather new at quilting but would love to try to make one. Happy New Year!


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