Sunday, July 29, 2012

Notes from some weekend sewing

Highlights from the weekend:
- It is possible for me to make a quilt in a weekend
- This is probably my favorite quilt to date
- I heart spray baste and will probably never baste a quilt with safety pins again
- I would rather sew gifts for others than sew for myself
- The Curious Nature line (from Parson Grey) is very difficult to color match

Just needs binding!

Just needs binding!

I can't wait to get the binding on this quilt, not only because I'm excited to finish, but also because I can do the hand sewing while watching the Olympics! More photos coming soon!


  1. I am totally impressed at how fast you got this done and also how fast you were able to get through grad school! It will be so good when Thursday is over with, won't it?

  2. You are a rockstar!!!! And it looks just amazing! You make me want to sit down and do some quilting. :)


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