Saturday, May 11, 2013

Triple Finish

About a week before the move, I finished up a project I'd been plugging away at for the last few months: three little quilts for a set of triplets.

The quilts weren't hard, but I was slow in getting them done since I was distracted by the impending move and nervous about such a high risk pregnancy. The mom did great though! She managed to go over 36 weeks and each of three were born last week at over 5 pounds!! So without further ado here are three little quilts for Mason, Noah and Paige.

Baby Quilts

My favorite fun fact about these little ones is that their uncle (one of my husband's best friends growing up) wanted to name them Corey, Sean and Tapanga (Boy Meets World, anyone?)


  1. Hope the move went well. We will be missing you at meetings, but hope to keep up with you here. Also glad to hear that the babies were all born healthy. The quilts are adorable!

  2. Congratulations to that strong Mom, cooking those babies for so long! I love your set of three - so cool the way they are all tied together, but each unique.


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