Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nursery Rocker

I have 6 weeks until my due date and a bunch of projects to post about (I've been busy!), so here's the first one. We "hacked" an IKEA Jennylund chair to make a slipcovered rocker for our baby's room. I wanted a comfy upholstered/slip-covered rocker but couldn't stomach the price that such a chair would cost from a place like Pottery Barn. But fortunately, moms-to-be on the internet have already solved this first-world problem with an IKEA hack: buy an IKEA chair and attach a swivel/rocker base instead of the legs.

We lucked out and found a Jennylund chair on Craigslist for only $80 and picked up the rocker base for about the same price. Then, my dad and husband got to work on it.

And here it is in the room! (Pay no attention to the boxes on the floor, we still have another piece of furniture to assemble)

Once we told the woman we bought the chair from that we were going to convert her chair into one for our nursery, she threw in a free storage box. I bought an extra ottoman slipcover from IKEA and converted it into a cover the storage box. I'm pretty please with how it looks considering I was just working what I had and making up a "pattern" as I went along. It's also removable so it can go in the wash with the car slipcover when it gets dirty.

And did you catch that ADORABLE koala?? A friend stitched it up for our baby and it's just about the cutest thing!

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  1. Nice!!! Love the hack! :) A comfy chair is a must, for sure.


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