Friday, August 15, 2014

Burp Cloth-a-palooza

This stack of burp cloths makes me happier than is probably normal, but it's really fun to see some of my favorite stash fabrics move from a bin in the closet to an item that will be out and used.

I made 6 out of prefold cloth diapers and I just eye-balled the size of the fabric, turned under the edges and sewed it down.

For the rest, I picked up 4 soft XL shirts at Goodwill for about $4/shirt. I went with a friend and we had fun finding the biggest, softest plain shirts in the fun colors. When I got home I raided my stash for fun fabrics that I could match up with the shirts.

Using Made by Rae's tutorial, I was able to get 4 burp cloths out of every shirt--usually two that were 11x18 (from the bottom half of the shirt) and two that were a little smaller (from the top of the shirt).

I think that will be the end the baby projects for now, but I'll be back to share a final nursery update once I remember to take pictures. And who knows, I might whip up a pair of pants or two but we'll see. I'm 37 weeks and you never know when a baby will decide they're ready to come!

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  1. Such an exciting time! Those burp cloths are so happy-- love all the fun prints and colors. You'll get a ton of use out of them, for sure! :)


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