Thursday, April 30, 2009

...and I'm back!

I'm back from my sister's wedding and it was a smashing success! I had a great time and my sister looked beautiful.

She also asked me to turn this absolutely beautiful dress into something. We're thinking that it would make a beautiful quilt since she doesn't want to hold on to it as a dress. Any of you have experience or ideas of what to do with this great fabric?

My mom also offered that we can use her wedding dress (that my sister and I have NO way of fitting into, and haven't since we were teens) as part of the quilt too. It's a very intimidating project, but one that I think is a great way to save and cherish the dresses rather than have them sit in closets.

Since I've been home this weekend, I actually finished a project. I've been wanting a kitchen apron for a while and when I saw the pattern for the Emmeline apron, I knew that was what I wanted. I learned a bunch making this pattern, like how to gather and make bias tape. I really like how it turned out and since it's reversible, it was two-for-one. I can't decide which side I like better!
One side has forks and spoons...

and the other side has plates with a couple small forks and knives. :)

Finally, I got my STUD (Swap Til Your Drop) partner and I'm really excited about starting that project. The theme this month is alphabet mania and I got assigned the letter Q. My mini quilt has to incorporate that letter however I want. After perusing, I have some good ideas that I think my partner will like. We'll see how that goes...


  1. I never thought about making a quilt out of a wedding dress but I'm sure it would make a fabulous wall hanging/display quilt. I didn't want to wear my mom's dress so when I got married but I took some of the lacework off it and used it to wrap my bouquet. It was a nice way to incorporate my mom's dress without wearing it.

  2. My mom cut up her wedding dress and made it into teddy bears, one for each of her children. At first I was devestated when I saw she'd cut it up (although none of us could've worn it because once-upon-a-time one of us had spilt foundation all over it while playing dress-up and the stain would never come out) but it makes me smile every time I go into my daughter's room and see that teddy bear. Since my mom lives far, far away, having it there in her room it's like she's watching over my baby while she sleeps. It's sweet.


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