Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday of Tops

This was quite the weekend for sewing. Yesterday, I attempted to make Rae's Spring Ruffle Top, but sadly it just didn't work out. It looks like a cute shirt, but it doesn't fit right and wasn't flattering at all.

I probably should've known before I started that I'm a little too busty for this shirt to work well. I also made a mistake with my measurements so the top band was too tight so it sat too high. All in all, I probably could try this shirt again and it would go better, but I think I'm just going to rip the thing apart and use the fabric for something else.

On a happier and more successful note, I'm coming along with my Rockets Quilt. Last week, I visited a local quilting shop and found a great dot print that goes perfectly with the Bots N Rockets fabric I already had. Since the colors are so bright and I wanted a fun, kind of crazy design, I decided to go with a disappearing nine patch. I started with 5" patches that I sewed into nine patch blocks.

Then cut them in half...

and voila! Disappearing nine patch blocks

Here's what they look like all put together. I'm thinking that I'll use the gears fabric for a border to make it a bit bigger and then bind it with a bright solid. Red, maybe? What do you think? Should I use something different for the border?


  1. I think that border is PERFECT! I agree on the solid binding - red or any of those colors would work.

  2. I agree with the border and red binding. That baby will be so drawn to all that color!

    Your ruffle top kind of looks like a nice hand bag the way it is folded. You could alter the straps a little and swe it across how you have it folded in the picture. That could save you from having to rip it apart plus save a little of the fabric.

  3. Love the robot quilt! I'm thinking that would be perfect for my son!


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