Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

I have pictures of some of the projects that I finished up before I started the blog and figured I would share some of them.

When my boyfriend, Jon, and I moved into our new apartment, my mom and I tag-teamed and made curtains for all the windows. Jon and I wanted to use plain white fabric so that the light streamed in, but you couldn't see in. I love the back tabs and it was worth the extra time.

My favorite project this year was one for a friend of mine who is 6'1". She had never owned a pair of pj pants that actually went to the floor. I used a Simplicity pattern and added 5" to the length, they came out perfect in size. I also altered the waistband so that the drawstrings tie in the front rather than on the inside of the pants.

My first quilt was one I made Jon a couple years ago. It was a bit a big project to start with and after doing about half of the stitch in the ditch quilting I ran out of time and my mom had to bail me out. She completed the quilting and graciously sewed the binding for me.


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