Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Holy cow, it's been hot this weekend! After what has been a really cool summer, I was completely thrown off by the 90 degree weather this weekend. Without A/C, that is entirely too warm to turn on the iron and get much sewing done, but I did make quite a bit of progress.

Today I made a block for Marilyn (aka Spiced Coffee) over at Traveling Threads and managed to do while hardly turning on the iron! I didn't plan on making a second block since I am going out of town later this week and didn't think I would have time this month, but when I saw this pattern, I just had to make another block. I did the vast majority of the paper piecing with just finger pressing and only turned the iron on for sewing the sections together and didn't have any problems. I was really proud of myself for finding a stay-cool way of doing this for her and the block turned out really well.

August Traveling Threads block for Marilyn #2

My friend, Sarah, came over Friday night and we each worked on some sewing. She successfully made a pair of "pirate pants" for her boyfriend. He's going to wear them while playing on a pirate and ninjas themed ultimate frisbee team. She looked so proud I had to put her on the blog.

Sarah showing off pirate pants for David

While she sewed and we chatted, I also got lots of cutting done (a much more weather appropriate activity). I cut a bunch of strips for the improv log cabin summer quilt I'm planning.

Strips for my summer quilt

And I got my Traveling Threads packets all set to go! I'm sending out modern Christmas fabrics and I'm asking people to make scrappy blocks with square, rectangles and strips. I figure that the fabric is festive enough that it will be cheerful without being kitchy. I'm so excited to see what these amazing ladies come up with.

Traveling Threads fabric packets!


  1. I love the colors for the log cabin quilt and can't wait to see it. Also, the bird block is so cute!

  2. What a beautifully pieced bird!

  3. wow, you are one busy lady....i love that bird block it is so cute....i can not wait to see your improv quilt. Are you using all solids? that looks like it is going to be awesome.

  4. Ooo! Lots of fun stuff in this post! :) I LOVE that birdie block... so cute!!! And the fabrics are truly perfect. I'm excited to see how those strips go together... the colors are gorgeous.


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