Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paintbox Help

I wrote this post last weekend and completely forgot to upload the photos and post it! Don't you hate when that happens? Anyway...

A friend of mine, Whitney, is an amazingly talented knitter and I've helped her over the last couple years learn to use her sewing machine. She recently started up a quilting bee for other newbie sewer/quilters appropriately named The NewBee. For her month, she wanted to do a Paintbox Quilt using Oh, Fransson's pattern.

Since her stash is full of yarn and not very much fabric, I invited her over to raid my stash for prints that match the Kona roll-up she bought. It was an explosion of color!

Color Explosion

I have to show you this photo she took of the stack at her house. Isn't it pretty?

NewBee: October
originally uploaded by zigeunerweisen

I also agreed to do a couple sets since I can't resist the clean lines of square in square blocks. :)

Whitney's Paintbox


  1. The paintbox quilt looks pretty awesome. And I' a big fan of photos of piles of fabrics. I think there's a flickr group Fabric Stacks, yeah.

  2. this is beautiful...the colors are so happy and fun. it is so nice to rummage through fabric and see what wonderful things can be found.

  3. Aren't you sweet to help a friend? You will have made a new quilting addict out of her!

  4. How fun! It is going to be colorful and fabulous. She is going to make an amazing quilt!

  5. I have always wanted to do the paintbox quilt. Now seems like a good time to get started.


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