Sunday, June 26, 2011

Double Rainbow

So that little block grew and grew this week...
Rainbow Quilt 1

And then came the complementary one using the strips in the opposite order
Rainbow Quilt 2

Rainbow Quilts

The tops are about 34.5" square which is a size I really like for baby quilts/play mats.

This is all that's left of the jelly roll... about 5 strips and some small scraps.
All that's left of the Nest jelly roll

So now I just need to order some fabric for the backing and binding. What do you guys think of this fabric for the back? (Pictures from Hawthorne Threads)

And these for the binding? I would use the red on the one with the red in the middle and the blue for the other. I think it could be a nice way to pull it all together. Do you have any other ideas??



  1. That was fast! Those are pretty cute. My vote would be to have the binding coordinate with the outermost colours, instead of the middles. Just to continue the design.

  2. Great projects! I love that backing fabric.

  3. I think you have it planned out perfectly!

  4. I agree that the binding color might look best to follow the progression outward. These look fantastic & the backing fabric to perfect!

  5. so fun and bright. the backing is perfect.

  6. Sounds like an awesome plan! I really love the backing fabric-- so fun! Reading the comments, I think you could easily go either way with the binding-- it will look great no matter which you choose. I say just go with your gut.

  7. oh my goodness i am in love...these rainbow quilts are perfect. i love the fabrics you have for backing and binding....great choices.


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