Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quilts and Sewing Projects in Action

Life has been so full lately between trying to finish my PhD, get a job and figure out where we're going to move. I haven't been posting or commenting much, but I'm still reading, just a bit more quietly. My husband is also in the midst of a career change where he'll be going back to school this summer. In an effort to save money, we've been enjoying cooking new recipes and that's been eating up (pardon the pun!) most of my free time and brain-space.

BUT! Some of my projects have been getting some great use lately, which makes me really happy! My good friend, Whitney, had a baby around Thanksgiving and it gave me a great excuse to make some small projects. I made a quilt and some burp cloths, all of which are getting regular use which means I have to post some gratuitous adorable baby shots.

(Pictures are all from Whitney)

Maddy loves her new toy hanger thingy

Maddy under her toy hanger

Maddy's new play area! :: Positivity Project Day 28

And here's one of the burp cloths I made using MAde by Rae's great tutorial
Maddy in the Beco Gemini!

I get to take care of her sweet Maddy twice a week at my office, which also makes me ridiculously happy. Here's me with her and her having a great time with one of my co-workers.

office baby spits up :: Positivity Project Day 43


  1. You make ridiculously adorable quilts! I love it! Brady loves his quilt and covers up with it every night. If you need any help on where to move, just give me a call, I may have some suggestions! : )

  2. When I first saw the baby picture, I thought she might be yours! Lucky baby to have such a dear little quilt to play on.

    When do you finish? Where are you considering moving to? I hope everything is going well and I know you will be so happy to finally get that PhD!

  3. Yay for gratuitous baby pics! They're the best. Especially when it shows baby with happy crafted things! :) Very cute quilt. Very happy baby!

    Good luck as you journey through the final stages of your PhD. So exciting!!!!

  4. That quilt is fabulous, as always!

  5. Adorable! Good to hear everything is going well with you :-)

  6. Welcome back! Good luck with finishing the PhD and the job hunt.

    It's always lovely when handmade things get a good workout and that quilt is super cute (as is the baby!).


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