Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New Friend and a Mail Tragedy

I'm still out of town but thought I would share some news.

While in Chicago, I met up with Jennie (aka SunflowerQuilt). I took the train out to the 'burbs and we went shop-hopping. It was a lot of fun, but I forgot to take any pictures of the amazing shops Jennie took me to. She commented today that it's funny that two people who know each other from flickr didn't take any pictures while hanging out. :)

But I do have pictures of the great fabric that I bought. The stripe is for the binding for my Spooktacular Swap quilt and the brown paisley is going to be another skirt (it was half off!). The rest is just for my stash but I have a new quilt color scheme I'm thinking about it. It's probably really obvious from the color choices.

Shop-hopping buys

By the way, she could have set up a bed and left me for a week (or more!) in Tammy Tadd's Designs. It was just featured in Quilt Sampler as being one of the best in the country and I can see why! I walked in and I just thought she had read my brain about color and prints and the store is beautiful. sigh. I need to find a quilt shop near me that I love this much.

And now for the mail tragedy. I got a note this morning from someone in Traveling Threads that this is what arrived at her house:

...an empty envelope. I have tons of extra fabric to send her but the tragedy was that these bird blocks were lost too. I offered to re-make them since I loved them too and new fabric is on the way, but boy was that a lesson learned. I didn't tape over the adhesive flap and I guess the thing popped right open. I feel so awful, and I really hope the other 10 fabric packets arrive safely. Cross your fingers for me?


  1. Oh. How. Awful. Those gorgeous bird blocks....hopefully they landed in the hands of a quilt lover...

  2. Wish I had joined the shopping fun - I'm in the burbs, too. Huge bummer those birds have gone missing! At least you got picutres of them before they left you.

  3. oh no!! that is so sad that those blocks went missing..i hope they are found by someone that will love them. Too bad that you have to do all that hard work over again. i love a good "shop hop". I am visiting with my sister and we have been to all the good quilt and fabric stores within a reasonable radius of her house...and yes i ha ve bought something at all of them!

  4. Oh no!! That is truly a mail tragedy! I really hope the other envelopes get where they are going with everything intact!

    I had tons of fun yesterday too :)

    ~ Jennie

  5. Oh, my!!! How devastating! I hope everything else makes it in tact. But thank you for sharing a valuable lesson... I'll definitely always tape from now on!

    Shop hopping is so fun! Looks like you found some fun loot. :)


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