Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Bee Round-Up

Here are the blocks are made this month for my quilting bees. It's been a busy month so I'm getting them in JUST under the wire!

For, Robin is having us make blocks for a rainbow baby quilt. She sent each of us a different color and asked for wonky log cabin style blocks. I got purple! It's probably my favorite color, so I was really excited. I added some darker purple fabrics I had from my stash and here's what I came up with (sorry about the weird picture, purple is difficult to capture without natural light...)
Snip.Sew.Send. block for Robin


Cue Wicked Witch music... da d'da d'da da daaa.

This month, Ruth (aka RuthieQuilts) from Traveling Threads asked for a really fun challenge: Wizard of Oz themed blocks! I had considered all kinds of different blocks from Emerald City to a tornado to ruby slippers or Toto, but finally decided to modify some paper piecing patterns to make some blocks with the Wicked Witch.

The first is a modified version of Sonja (Artisania)'s witch pattern.
Wicked Witch #1 for Ruth's Oz quilt

The second is a pattern that I've been working on for a while to get right. I took the patterns for Snape from Harry Potter and a crystal ball from this site (with tons of Harry Potter themed pattern) and combined them to be the Wicked Witch looking to her crystal ball. I think it turned out pretty well, although I wish the crystal ball were a little more round...
Wicked Witch #2 for Ruth's Oz quilt


  1. wow these are so intricate. i love the purple block. not a color that usually speaks to me but it has been sneaking into my sewing a lot lately

  2. Excellent job on the crystal ball gazing! I would have known what it was even without any words. And you seem to have found the perfect background fabric!

  3. Great projects!! I read Wicked a few months ago and have a new interest in all thing Wizard of Oz. :) Christine

  4. Oh my goodness! Those are too cute! I love the wicked witch with the "surrender Dorothy" fabric.

  5. My daughter is all about purple right now! The witch looks so difficult! They both turned out wonderful.

  6. Kris, my fingers are tingling at the very thought of some of these teeny pieces and you are worried about round? Great job!

  7. A Wizard of Oz theme? How awesome is that?
    Great paper piecing.

  8. Wow, Kris. I'm totally loving those blocks. First a princess and now a witch - your paper pieced blocks are turning out fab.

  9. What great blocks! I love the pieced witches... very cool-- and they look like they'll be a perfect addition to a Wizard of Oz quilt.

  10. nice blocks!! i love love the purple one! ;-)


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