Friday, February 12, 2010

February Quilting Bee blocks

February would've been a short month to get my bee blocks done, but it's made even shorter this month since Jon and I are going on vacation in a week and that's going to eat up 2 weekends where I would normally get some sewing done. (We're going to Mazatlan, Mexico for a wedding and I'm really excited!! I have a serious case of cabin fever/winter blues!)

This month for Traveling Threads, Jessica (aka jmbmommy) sent Kaffe Fasset fabric and requested wonky stars. I love wonky stars and had fun with the proportions on this one. It's 12.5" square.

Traveling Threads block for jmbmommy

For my new quilting bee, Blocks of a Feather, there's only 6 of us, so we do 2 blocks every 2 months. This time, Lily.Lemon gave us free reign with some really wonderful Halloween fabrics and asked for 10.5" blocks. I decided to do one totally improv block and another with a cute play on words (trick or treating around the block)... aren't those kitties cute?

Block #1 for Lily Lemon
Halloween block #2 for Lily.Lemon

And it's my month for Snip.Sew.Send! I've asked for a little neighborhood inspired by the Ingrid Press quilt that's been all over flickr and blogland.

Inspiration for Snip.Sew.Send.


  1. I'm sooo in love with your wonky star and kitty halloween blocks! How do you make wonky stars?

  2. Those little cats are just too cute!

  3. BEYOND cute!!!!!!!!!! the white background of your neighborhood reminds me of the snowy America!!!! And the placement of your houses is fun on the Halloween one.

  4. I love the wonky star with the white and dark halves and orange background. The contrast is so fantastic.

  5. Happy Holiday! Neat idea to split into 2 colours for the wonky star. I gotta do a village and get some walks around the block happening. Too cute!

  6. Fun blocks! I especially love the wonky star-- the color placement is so striking! I'm so jealous... Mexico sounds like super fun!

  7. Have you seen the Lovely Design's Lovely Little Forest Quilt at the PurlBee? The houses quilt reminds me of it, and I think it's so beautiful and simple...


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