Thursday, August 11, 2011

Elephant on Parade

A while ago Kati (From the Blue Chair) posted some adorable elephant softies and I immediately bought the Heather Bailey pattern on etsy.

I have to say that the sewing was a bit fussy, but I'm in love with the finished product and it's the perfect little extra to go with the baby quilts I've been working on. I will definitely make some more. The only modification I made was to use ric-rac instead of fabric for the tail.

I mean seriously, how cute is this little guy?
Elephant Softie-blue spots-03

Elephant Softie-blue spots-08

Elephant Softie-blue spots-06

Elephant Softie-blue spots-09

As for size, he's a little bit smaller than a soda can...
Elephant Softie-blue spots-12

or a little bit bigger than a Koosh, however you wanna think about it.
Elephant Softie-blue spots-13


  1. So cute! Yours turned out so perfect. I love the fabric!

  2. Love the ric-rac tail! And the Koosh is making me all nostalgic! :)

  3. oh man this little guy is favorite is that ric rac tail

  4. Oh, the cuteness!!!! Love it. And the ric-rac tail is perfect.


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